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MBT Couples Maliza

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MBT Couples Maliza description

MBT Maliza is perfect for everyday wear, providing comfort and technology in a new lower profile. Patented Masai Sensor sole offers a soft surface similar to walking on a sandy beach. The natural instability this creates activates the supporting muscle system and conditions the body simply by walking. With continued wear, benefits can include improved circulation and posture, reduced stress and pressure on the back, feet and joints and an overall toned appearance.This stylish athletic-inspired shoe is designed to activate a large number of stabilizing muscles throughout the entire body and features:   
* Masai Sensor (Masai Barefoot Technology®) creates a pleasant feeling of walking on a sandy beach or soft moss, and instantly creates a natural instability to which the body automatically reacts, increasing muscle activity.   
* Full grain leather accented with split leather and patent leather.  
* 3D mesh lining is lightweight and highly breathable.   
* MBT DRY&COOL sockliner.   
* Rubber outsole absorbs shock.   
* We recommend that you perform the MBT warm-up exercises to help get you acclimated to the MBT way of life.